Mirboo North


The Mirboo North Bowling Club is located in the heart of the beautiful Strzelecki Ranges, and sits on the northern edge of the South Gippsland Bowls Division. Founded in 1954, the Club continues to be renowned for its hospitality to other clubs and to visitors alike. The winter bowls program is amongst the most popular in the Strzelecki region. The club fields pennant teams during the summer bowls season in both the Tuesday and Saturday pennant competitions. The club hosts feature tournaments and regular events, together with Twilight-BBQ bowls, throughout the daylight savings months. The Clubhouse is comfortable and modern, with impressive bar and kitchen facilities. The Mirboo North green is a woven mat synthetic – playing predictably all year round for beginners and seasoned bowlers to enjoy.



MIRBOO NORTH BOWLING CLUB mirboonorthbowls@bigpond.com.au  
9 Grand   Ridge Road, Mirboo North, 3871.   (03) 5668 1442
P.O. Box   360, Mirboo North, 3871.    
President Graeme Roberts graemer35@bigpond.com (03) 5664 1554
Secretary Ann Plowman aaplowman@bigpond.com (03) 5668 1670
Treasurer Graeme Roberts graemer35@bigpond.com (03) 5664 1554 
Ladies Tournaments Sec Margaret Briscow   (03) 5668 1416
Men's T/ment Secretary Phil Stimson   (03) 5668 2344
Winter Bowls Kevin Queale    0409 645 440
Delegates Graeme Roberts   (03) 5668 1554
  Dot Stein   (03) 5668 2414