Umpires, markers and measurers are all crucial to our great game of lawn bowls. The new accreditation process encourages you all to participate in the official part of the game. Bowls Australia are introducing a new accreditation process across Australia. It will be based on required competencies. Bowls Victoria (BV) want to enable as many bowlers the opportunity to become involved in officiating as either markers or measurers or umpires. There are three distinct parts to the accreditation process: marking, measuring and umpiring. To become an umpire you must successfully complete all three components, however you may decide to complete the measuring or marking modules only – that will be your choice. If successful you will gain National accreditation as a measurer, or marker or National umpire.

To gain these accreditations bowlers must satisfy the required competencies as set down in the BA accreditation program. Each module will take about 3-4 hours to work through, with participants completing competencies as they progress. Any competencies not met can be re addressed at a later time (within a month) so the participant will not have to repeat the entire module to be successful. The reaccreditation process should take about one hour to n Victoria, the official accreditation program will be delivered through Regional Umpire committees who will have members trained to enable them to administer the course in their Region. Please check with your district’s umpires committee or chairperson to find out when they will be running programs. Then set about getting your club endorsement and send the form into BV. Any interested bowlers must have their application form endorsed by their club as the club will be invoiced for payment.

Please click here for the application form.


Please click the link below for a complete list of South Gippsland Umpires, measurers and Markers.